About Me

I have a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and have spent 15 years providing psychotherapy services to adults, teens, couples, families and groups. One of my great joys has been over a decade of supervision; another joy is community presentation. I also taught for about 10 years, teaching everything psychotherapy (theories, methods, group, psychopathology, marriage & family, assessment, practicum, and more). See the Work With Me page to find out more. If you want the slightly nerdier, occasionally personal version of me that is full of quotes from excellent books, find me on Twitter @EllisTangents. 


The Blog…


is a compilation of short, useful suggestions, unconventional thoughts, research findings, metaphors, and more for fine-tuning our counseling practices.



This project was born out of a playful request from my beloved practicum students. Supervision is such an incredibly special thing to be a part of and I’m honored beyond measure to have been one of the gardeners of your clinical practices.

Thank you for your support of my sometimes-untraditional teaching, your trust in my care of your hearts and your clients, your tolerance for my occasionally pushy enthusiasm, and for accepting the challenge to grow and keep growing.

And your strange love for my tangents.

This blog is dedicated to all of you who call me Ellis. 

Just a little note: All the pictures on the blog are either my photography, or are royalty-free stock photography, typically from www.freeimages.com. Except the “PreposterousQuotes” – because… I just can’t make that stuff up. Those are sourced from all over.