Reversal Theory Workbook

Reversal Theory Workbook

And here’s the other reason that I was on a bit of a hiatus from blogging…

Probably if you spend any time on the Ellis Tangents blog, you know about Diligent Page Publications by now. 

Diligent Page Publications exists to give the therapy gifts that are possible to deliver just in words. None of these books will replace an awesome therapist. But they’re certain to be research-supported, practical, and affordable. They are only authored by mental health professionals with your best interests at heart. 

The Reversal Theory workbook has been quite a while in the making – I think that this little-known theory has a LOT to give the world of psychology (along with business, education, behavioral health, etc.) and I often teach it (or components of it) to my clients as part of their therapy work. 

If you haven’t read much about Reversal Theory before, check out these posts! 

Comment below: Are there any RT topics that you’d like to see blogged about? Also, consider this first edition largely a draft; I welcome all feedback about how to make it better! Thanks!