The mission of Diligent Page Publications is to provide therapy-quality mental health resources at self-help prices.

(Read more about our story and values below.)


The Transitions Guided Journal Series

Each book in this perfect gift series (be it a gift for yourself or a loved one) traverses the challenges of life transitions from an inner perspective in 30 at-your-own-pace journal entries.  It welcomes you to thoughtfully explore the important influences of the past, move through the emotions, stressors, and concerns of the present, and dive into preparation and hope for the future in completely personalized way. 

Transitioning Into Retirement


Search for a book about preparing for retirement, and you’ll get a lot of financial advice. But retirement is so much more than just managing your money – it’s a change in lifestyle, relationships, and identity – a whole new way of living. This journal will help you with the internal pieces of the puzzle that won’t just fall into place with a good 401k. Give yourself the gift of an intentional, thoughtful retirement.  

Transitioning Into College


Transitioning Into Parenthood


No matter how you are entering into parenthood (as a birthing mother, as a new dad, as part of a marriage, as a foster parent, through adoption, or any other way), there are a lot of practical ways to prepare, right? But the biggest influence on how your transition to parenthood turns out is you, so give your heart and mind the preparation they deserve, too!


Half Price Therapy

Cut Your Therapy Bill in Half (Before You Even Start)

This little e-book will give you every tip and skill you need to find a great therapist quickly, get into the right kind of therapy for you early, and make the most of every session, so that you get the most benefit for the least time, effort, and money.

“Why?” you ask. Why would I (a psychotherapist myself) teach you willingly (no, joyfully!) how to pay me less? (See “Our Values,” below.) But really, there are so many people who don’t get to benefit from therapy because it’s just out of reach financially. If we can make therapy more affordable, we’ll get more people! And because time = money in therapy, if each person does therapy efficiently, that leaves more time for everyone who can now afford therapy to be seen. It’s a win-win! 

(And it’s useful even if you’re already in therapy, too.) 


Reversal Theory Workbook

There’s an awful lot of unnecessary pain and unhappiness in the world, and part of that is something we have the power to fix. 

For example, imagine you’re in a traffic jam. You look over to the car next to you and the driver is dancing breezily to her music. You look to another car and the guy is screaming at the car in front of him and honking his horn. Both are in traffic but experiencing it differently. Why is she having fun and the guy miserable? And which would you rather be experiencing?

The aim of this workbook is help you to learn about your inner state – you might call it your feeling, or your mindset, the “zone” you’re in, or your metamotivation if you’re feeling fancy and scientific. You’ll learn about all the possibilities for your internal experience, and also how to change your internal experience (your “state”) to be maximally happy and effective.


Our Values

Diligent Page Publications was born from the frustration of a broken system.

We went to school learn to be helpers and healers. We knew we wouldn’t get rich. Really, they told us in our first classes, and we all stayed the course anyway. 

They didn’t tell us there would be so many people who needed help and couldn’t afford it. Or couldn’t find it. Or couldn’t find good services. Or who wouldn’t trust it, despite our commitment to beneficence.  

They didn’t tell us that there would be a whole market of pseudo-helpers, taking advantage of people’s need. Or a self-help industry designed to sell more and more books, rather than actually help. 

We do what we can. We provide sliding scales and we do community service. We live and breathe therapeutic integrity and hold each other accountable. And there are still too many people who need help and find it unavailable or difficult to reach. 

So, Diligent Page Publications exists to give the therapy gifts that are possible to deliver just in words. None of these books will replace an awesome therapist. But they’re certain to be research-supported, practical, and affordable. They are only authored by mental health professionals with your best interests at heart.